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We bring an absolute taste bomb made purely on a natural basis. Compared to Almonds, from Homemade Spirits series, in which a small part of the product is also a very fine spirit, in which we macerize almonds, we use only pure natural raw ingredients in ALMOND BRANDY EXCLUSIVE 45%. Through the demanding and complicated production process we have achieved an absolute, tasteless, unrivaled delicacy. Maceration of almonds in wine spirits, which has 65% alcohol, releases aroma after 8 weeks and changes the flavor of wine distillate to almond flavor. This distilled distillate is re-distilled in our top distillation plants where the taste of the wine distillate is lost during repeated distillation and the pure, fine smell of almonds prevails. To add flavor, add this unique beverage to grape mace and dilute the treated water to a 45% gradient. So long and so carefully we produce this taste with pleasure for you by our respected customers.


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