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Buy now We discovered this specialty by accident on our business trips around Spain. We fine-tuned this unique beverage and we proudly bring it to the Slovak market.

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Frequently asked questions

You can find our products in the Billa chain (Bratislavský kraj), in the network of farmer shops Starý otec as well as in warehouses: Ruža Malacky, Greenline Dunajská Streda, BP servisis Skalica, Pullzar Rožňava or in our production.

Apricot is a spirit produced from industrial alcohol, flavored with essence. On the contrary, apricot, with the ending – ica, is a fruit distillate made from pure fruit of apricots, which we first process into ferment and after fermentation process distil to noble true brandy.

We produce our plum brandy in our company, from A to Z. Starting with the purchase of quality plums, subsequent processing, further distillation to filling into bottles. We do not buy ready-made distillate in Romania or Serbia of different quality used by other producers without their own distillery.

Yes, of course. We will be happy to guide you to our plants after arranging the tour date.

We produce our spirits only from premium Slovak and Hungarian fruit.


Why offer and sell our products? Therefore, because we are an honest Slovak manufacturer. We process fruit, distill from A to Z. We buy only 100% quality fruit and we make true brandy from it. As the only one in Slovakia we can produce an excellent taste bomb, our specialty Mandľovica. Offer an honest spirits in your business.


Our company also distributes products for smaller operations such as pubs, cafes, gift shops and so on using our contractual partners in the cities.


Dunajska Streda, Kolarovo, Komarno, Kosice, Nitra, Nove Zamky, Trnava. We distribute Bratislava and its surroundings 3 times a week.


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