Craft Fruit Distillery

Established 2011

Our distillery has been based on quality since its foundation in 2011. That’s why we already invested in the highest quality available technology and traditional method of processing.

Quality Distillation Equipment

from world-famous German manufacturers

We were the first in Slovakia to install world-famous German distillation equipment from the Arnold Holstein and Ulrich Kothe companies, and even today we can guarantee the premium quality of our distillates with the preservation of the flavors and aromas of quality fruit.

Only the finest fruit

we use proven fruits from real farmers for production

High-quality distillation equipment always places higher demands on yeast, which is used for production.

In the past, BIO may not have existed because chemicals usually were not used in the orchard. Even today, quality fruit can be grown. And we care about quality, not quantity. That’s why we care about the selection of fruits and stuff, many of which are grown without artificial fertilizers and sprays and therefore in the so-called BIO quality.

Our spirits, be it almond wine, ginger wine or carrot schnapps, are purely artisanal products produced by hand in small batches. All products are made from A to Z in our distillery. Every fruit and vegetable goes through a sorting machine, so that we put only the best, ripe ones that come from nature into production. The only ingredient we import from France and Italy are the extracts needed to make our almonds.



with a focus on quality

The subsequent preparation and processing of yeast are also oriented towards quality. Therefore, the yeast matures in the traditional way in tempered containers without accelerators and artificial additives.

The big liquor companies can’t afford that, we rely on it.

Traditional recipes

proven by generations

Only those who have never tried can claim that everyone knows how to make a good spirit. Of course, distillation is a fairly simple process, but the result is not always what you would like.

Therefore we value the recipes and procedures we follow. Only they can ensure that the resources and efforts we have invested in production every year will be crowned with success.


If you want to learn more about our distillery and the high-quality distilling process, visit our distillery's website.